Purchase Medicines Online At Cheaper Costs

The increasing number of online drug sites allows us to purchase medicines from the comfort of our home. Many such portals also offer special discounts that you cannot find in brick and mortar drugstores. If this is not enough, you can get a better deal by purchasing another variant of the medicine that contains the same salt composition of a particular drug, but manufactured and marketed under a different brand, available at a lower price. Here are details that show you how to get drugs at a lower price. Remember, you have to first register yourself with the store before you can avail the discounts.


It is not a hidden fact that leading drug companies pay hefty discounts to doctors who prescribe their particular brand of drug. Obviously, neither the doctor nor the drug company will accept this fact. Register yourself with several online drug stores. Log in into one of them and type the name of the medicine you want. The site will immediately show you a list of other drugs that have the same salt composition, but manufactured by a different company, available for a fraction of the price of the medicine you searched for. Select the one that costs you the least and purchase it. Remember, you will first have to scan and upload the prescription issues by the physician before you can complete your transaction.

Be careful

Not all drugs require prescription such as non scheduled medicines. More often that not people purchase them from online stores without bothering to check the warnings. Certain drugs might cause side effects (contradictions) when taken with other drugs. Pregnant women should not take some of them. Therefore, you should read the details beneath each drug and carefully read the warnings regarding their usage. This provides you with details whether you should not take such drugs if you are facing certain illnesses.

Cough syrups

Cough syrups often contain alcohol and other compositions that lead to drowsiness. You should refrain purchasing them unless specifically advised by your doctor. It is the same with certain types of pain killers. They damage your liver unless you take them regularly and do not take antacids after taking them. You can find all these details under the medicine concerned. The harsh reality is that people rarely bother to read these warnings when they purchase medicine online. Online drug stores are a boon as well as a bane depending on how carefully you read the contraindications mentioned beneath them.