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Although it was manufactured by Winthrop laboratories for the first time in 1962, Winstrol steroid still remains one of the most popular steroids on the market and one of the commonly cycled bodybuilding agents in the bodybuilding world. Before it became an effective bodybuilding agent, Winstrol steroid was used as a prescription medication to help patients with muscle wasting conditions maintain their weights. It was also used to treat anemia, children with stunted growth and burn victims. With an androgenic rating of 20 and an anabolic rating of 320, Winstrol steroids are considered extremely beneficial anabolic agents due to their significantly reduced androgenic activity and greater anabolic power.

What does Winstrol do?

Most athletes buy Winstrol online as a cutting agent. The anabolic aspect of Winstrol pills allows athletes to get rid of excess fat while retaining solid muscle gains in a cutting cycle. Athletes also buy Winstrol online for its ability to enhance performance, boost strength and improve stamina allowing the athletes to get more out of their gym sessions. Nevertheless, unless you are going to stack it with a powerful bulking agent, Winstrol steroid is not ideal for bulking cycles as it only offers minimal gains but beginners can start with Winstrol tablets. Women athletes also commonly buy Winstrol online due to its non-estrogenic properties and moderate anabolic rating, which makes it safe for women use.

Winstrol tablets work by enhancing nitrogen retention and accelerating protein synthesis resulting in different positive results for athletes. Winstrol for sale is associated with improved flexibility, improved muscle density, enhanced strength, and maximum speed, power, and agility with minimal or no water retention. Water retention in the body is triggered by increased estrogen levels but since Winstrol pills do not cause androgenic activity, you can cycle Winstrol steroids without worrying about increased water retention. Winstrol tablets help to improve the rate of metabolism resulting in faster burning up of fats, which makes Winstrol an ever-present agent in cutting cycles.

By getting rid of the excess body fat, the Winstrol pills help to make muscles move more easily and thus, improve flexibility. While most bodybuilding agents make muscles feel stiff, the Winstrol tablets have the opposite effect making you feel more flexible. The tablets also stimulate muscle growth resulting in a significant increase in endurance and strength. Athletes who have cycled Winstrol steroids have reported an increased number of reps and sets in the gym as well as reduced recovery time. Winstrol also helps athletes to improve their muscle density by burning fat, which makes muscles visible and by increasing the energy for more workouts.

In addition to enhancing strength, the users of Winstrol steroids have reported achieving their maximum speed, power, and agility after only a few weeks of use. Women athletes can buy Winstrol online and use it for bulking to attain moderate results. When women athletes use Winstrol at lower doses, they attain the same benefits men athletes attain at higher doses including the ability to retain lean muscle mass, burn fat and perform at their peak at the best dosage. The best dosage depends on various factors that include sex, goals and cycle lengths but the recommended dosages for strength include 25mg and 10mg for men and women respectively in 8 to 10 weeks. For cutting, the recommended dosages are 50mg and 15mg for men and women respectively for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.


Winstrol pills work best when they are stacked with other steroids. A Winstrol cycle should also be accompanied by the appropriate on cycle and post cycle therapy treatments to minimize the likeliness of side effects. Athletes taking Winstrol should also eat lots of green vegetables, fruits and magnesium, calcium and iron supplements as well as remain hydrated at all times.